Phone Sex – a new way to earn money for Girls

Phone Sex – a new way to earn money for Girls

Phone Sex – a new way to earn money for Girls

Phone Sex:

Hello girls. I want to share a great idea to make money to pay phone bills and internet bill on phone .
As we all know all boys are asshole. They are always hungry for sex. They watch out porn movie, watch out nude actress on internet. They try to see girls from bathroom window. They go to sex worker and pay for sex. They always find girls who are available for sex after friendship. They continuously try to make traps for girl friend for getting sex. Like take her to watch movie and touch her in dark. Help to complete her work. Help to get job. Financial help. Give costly gifts. Give flowers.
Once they get sex. They start finding a new flavor.
So now it’s time to make money from boys sex desire. And fuck them without penis.
Porn industry make money from boys sex desire, Advertisement industry make money from sex desire of boys, film industry make money from sex desire of boys, most of the companies hire girls to create environment to control boys monopoly by their own sex desire and make money from business. Massage parlor earn money from boys sex desire.
So why do we not make money from boys’ sex desire directly.
Most boys do handjob [masturbation] on daily/ alternate days/ weekly. Masturbation is virtual sex satisfaction.
Phone sex is also a virtual and safe way of making money.
Girls need buy a new simcard. And broadcast this number on internet. Don’t write your real name or identity or location information.
Once boys start calling ask for recharge your mobile no with 500 rupees and once he do it you have to do phone sex with him.
So how to do phone sex?
Its simple you have to talk with boys on phone without any physical relation.
Please take off your pant. And tell me how long is your penis/dick/lund?
Take some coconut oil and start rub your penis.
Do you want me to do oral sex?
My boobs are of the size 38.
Put your hard dick between my boobs.
My nipples are pink. Please press my boobs.
Let me shake your penis. Wow its so long and hard.
Please can we start a sex. Put your penis in my pussy.
Make sound continuously aaaaaaaah, aaaah ah ah aaaah ah ah.
Ask boy . does your sperms come out. Please let me drink it.
More things you can learn on internet.
But I am sure by this way you can earn money and you can use internet by phone for free.
I think most girls live away from home can do this easily because girl live with parents they have lots of restrictions.
And girl who has open mind and always having curiosity to do new things can do this. Shy girls can’t do this.
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phone sex with Voice Changer mobile application

phone sex with Voice Changer mobile application

Prank Calls/ Sex Call.

Sex is biggest mystery in this century. Girls have monopoly on own body matter. as rise in cost petrol can make a depended because its basic need and there is no substitute for petrol.

So there is no substitute for sex with real girl. whatever solutions available are just fantasy. like Porn, Phone sex, sex toy, hand job, photo sex, dream sex, etc…

So now a days boys/ male know this demand and they had started a new way of making money.

They buy a good china mobile with female voice app or buy android mobile and buy app 

Change my Voice
and now they start spread this service on all classified portal/ online directories.

when you call them they tell to recharge for 200+ rupees.

now when you do recharge a boy call you and start his mobile app and start sex talk. virtual sex activities..

Great Idea to make money…. try this…

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man/Male can give just physical harassment which is easily tracked by government rules. 

But How and who will track or stop mental harassment by women/girls/females

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