Misuse of sexual harassment protection laws by females?

co-worker girls to take help or benefits from male co-worker they try to talk horny way/ flirty way/ try to on sex desired of man.

case 1 – If man get that girl try to flirt to take work advantage and don’t give her attention then girls complain against those male to management or spread humor in other male co-worker person is not talking appropriately or don’t help her. to take others in confidence and sympathy.

case 2 – Male co-worker start flirting as yes sign from girl and help her whatever she wants and girl allow him to come in to her for chitchat, touch, kiss, sex anything like that once she take over him or work is finished then she don’t need him anymore so to take away from him she file complain to management against him about sexual harassment

how female employee trace male boss in sexual harassment protection laws?

Female do lots of flirting and encourage male boss to get all kind of special benefits to make career once its achieved they trap them using protection laws.

Female boss do flirting with male subordinate to take special work advantage
and fired him once its done using harassment protection laws

girls are smart to make fool men even when no literacy

girls in corporate world try to on male sex desire and then take them to office with cameras and once men think she is with her and touch or talk frankly at that time girls intentionally try to show that that man do sexual harassment

please write your experiences

these all women protection laws are made not to protect women they are made to discriminate with men using law.

as we know that Indian constitution and execution of law is very silly then why this kind of law start executing without appropriate implementation

using this only male have to suffer and police and advocates make money


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