swamiji sweep own room… Swamiji clean own cloths… swamiji lives simple home… Why?

Film star Hero have rich lifestyle and they do market themself

Film star actresses show off their body to atrect more fans and be popular in short career.

Cricketer have healthy body they do lots of ads in short career.

Doctors wearing white cloths and stethoscope so people can know their profession.

marketing people wearing suite so they make great impression at first sight.

the same way spiritual leaders need to be simple look to make faith in peoples mind.

their is nothing to be surprise when some follower of any baba/ Swamiji/ Maharaj/ guru says that

oh our guruji sweep own room!!

Our guruji travel in trains!!!

Our swamiji eat less!!! [Even actress is also eating less to be size ZERO ;)]



They are making money and fame by their spiritual profession…………….